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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm PST

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and ramos and their service on the new york police department. do i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> all those in favor? aye. >> thank you. this meeting is adjourned. . >> this is and we would like to thank sfgovtv for sending it us
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out over the airwaves can he have a roll call please. commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner perez commissioner hyde so we got calls from both commissioner moshoyannis and president tan they'll be absences this evening we have quorum, however. >> good thing our first item it public comment of interest to the public that are within the jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. yurd wurpd the public comment maybe up to two minutes items not on the agenda do we have public comment seeing none
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public comment is closed it's time to review and approve the minutes for january 2016 i notice that the commissioners it said president tan and liam frost and down below audrey joseph was also here and - >> so your last meeting of the year was here and yeah. . >> so i move to approve the minutes with a couple of connection those include commissioner joseph and commissioner perez. >> i second the motion. >> sorry
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commissioner frost on the motion commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner perez commissioner hyde all right. now we'll have the report from our executive order jocelyn cane take it away. >> good evening, commissioners well, there's a whole bunch which stuff to talk about but express our appreciation and gradually for commissioner hyde this is his last meeting hesitate on 0 bigger and better so we made you a lovely certificate of appreciation and cupcakes i'm sure you're aware of their in front of you i think there's quite a few if you want to share them with anyone could i don't know if at some point you want to say something at the end or the beginning of the meeting. >> it's been great to be of
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service thanks to my olth commissioners. >> short and sweet all right. then shortest speak. >> your lucky i have a fever. >> maybe you'll find strength and back to the i had the time this week to write up a short memo for you to a teeny update on the legislation it didn't have a name the protection which the po e that supervisor breed introduced on the 16th of december and i gave you the right side digest last meeting so while that just recently sat through recess if it's thirty day i was able to talk to
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supervisor london breed office and the legislation changes to not only the police code but the planning code i think there's building codes to those pr for sure the planning commission will have to have a hearing in front of that commission likely the building commission as well and small business commission so we'll be doing a road show and staff will be present at all the meetings and the board committees hearing they hope will still be a cue one so hopefully march will be a hamburger we're we'll be asking for our nebts to make sure the room is full of support for the legislation i said before this is groundbreaking stuff and important i think it is really good for the city so i hope it
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moved in take. >> with that there was some interest to talk about the legislation on kqed forum but it is a larger night life discussion around the state of night life in san francisco i appeared on the 30th of december on the radio i call it appearing along with terrance allen and the u.s. sf weekly to talk about night life in the city it was a good discussion and you can listen to it we posted the link on our facebook page and on the forum website too so if you get a chance it's all of an hour with breaks in the middle it might put you to
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sleep. >> i listens to it on the internet you were great and concise and assured in what you were saying you were great. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for the compliment so i wrote in here the new years eve i'll let you the inspections tell you it was a business night not very many problems recorded to date i don't think and both cammy and i attended the party and o was that was on for the first time on new years eve it was a fun times once they're complete and they are getting all their ducks in a row to go and see a show there's it's amazing updates just briefly on the late
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night early morning transportation plan we're on target for the task force to the board of supervisors in february so this will include the short-term and long term solutions along what the costs associated without going into detail we will be coming to the commission with a presentation as well likely you know around the same timeframe it depends on when the committee puts it at the board level their calendar is more difficult than ours so - oh there she is i'm going to break for a minute supervisor is here. >> are you ready? we have there you go >> good evening, commissioners
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convict happy new year it's nice to be here together and to be with one of our favorite commissions in city hall but the reason we're here today obviously to honor an individual someone that once appointed a sargent resident in south of market community and really to honor his service and leg here in the city and county of san francisco on his last meeting as the commissioner for the entertainment london hide (clapping.) madam president (laughter). >> so i'm here actually for a number - to present a certificate of honor on behalf of the board of supervisors and i have to say there's no
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certificate quite like the one we're about to present to you it is it sparkles i think that is at inaudible certificate commissioner hyde our neighborhood representative and rock star commissioner we want to recognize and honor our more than 3 years of exceptional public advocacy serving as a neighborhood representative as the san francisco entertainment commission including over a year as the vice chair we extend our appreciation in honor of your ex particular work you attended countless meeting and had involvement with the community
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members and played an structural role for crafting neighborhood outreach seldom have we've seen a commissioner with style and posse make public service look good we wish you the best of luck running in heels or for the diverse night life signed by the board of supervisors (clapping.) thank you so much. >> i'm. >> - speech speech. >> thank you so much you're leaving us. >> photo photo hi you've got to turn around. >> oh, oh okay. >> you guys want to come down. >> you first oh, you guys
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first. >> then i'll - >> this is the installernaurlg time. >> it's got to be long. >> excellent. >> boy girl, boy girl.
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>> one more. >> all at once. >> cool black and white. >> cool good to see you happy new year happy new year. >> i did not get to finish my statements i want to thank the entire commission on behalf of our city and certainly representing a district with entertainment venues south of market and the tenderloin our neighborhood appreciates the work you do to keep our a neighborhood whole and commissioner hyde you're an important part of that you don't i can't tell you how many
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painful meetings between folks that didn't time to talk to each other it's important we have dialogues not only policy but real community building and getting people to look people in the eye and the other person is a human being and our priorities at the end of the day are all the same thank you for doing it it wasn't easy it's not easy to walk into a room and hates one another and haiti for making them look at one another those hearings are awesome happy new year we're sad to see you go you're going to do amazing things in portland and come back renewed and wiser back here in the san francisco community
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thank you, commissioner. >> thank you, supervisor (clapping.) thank you so much for all our support and all and working with me through this time it is something that's extremely important and valuable to me i want to thank you and our office for everything it's not easy to get a drag queen on any commission so thank you so much. >> can we have - in the meantime in san francisco it's a book by sandy it's a beautiful for torlz of our neighborhood. >> cool. >> jordan. >> come from the front next to the table. >> germany decimalheradellis' even.
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>> is that how you pronounce that? >> do we have a to have if he arrest - caramel. >> that's not going to do it for him (laughter). >> all right. thank you for being patient with that lovely and exciting moment. >> that's cool.
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>> he's right here. >> are we good are we back. >> we're back i know it's boring so i want to talk about something that's not as fun at all an item under corrective action called the directors response on the 30th of december staff received a written request from the sfpd to extend e.r. stunned the 953 to limit the hours under the section 10.60 for issues of public safety there's different ways to suspended permits this is formally for the suspension basically to cover new year's eve and so as per that same section
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and subsection e i'm required to report to the entertainment commission both the recommendation of the sfpd and my reasons for not following that recommendation as i'm going to do it is not that complicated after consideration staff chose choose to issue a suspension under the police code and this decision was made on a number of factors first, the permittee voluntarily surntd his permit and not intending to be on on the first of january so the word would have been no entertainment to suspend in my case it's additionally, there had been again, a request to do use the
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72 hour suspension it's called the office in between the city attorney when it was written called the emergency suspension it was written in and created as a way to provide a short but immediate suspension in cases we were concerned about this rotating tally violence that was not a contemplated basis have to spend suspend with someone with a chronic problem and this has been discussed they have a chronic problem in front and around the night club so for those reasons i choose to issue the 5 day suspension under a different section and they were given 5 days to appeal and that
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appeal would have come to you but as of today around 1 o'clock i had an indication no appeal so he's served that appeal from the 6th of january through the 30th of january i think that that's where i'll leave it i'm sure that dave lieutenant was here and officer ma dills i can't see either of them may want to speak but that's my obligation i'm happy to answer any questions you may have. i'll be happy to answer them. >> any questions? is there a working group then to work on what the issues with club atmosphere and situations like that is there something to going forward or are we up to the point as we are now i'm wondering is there i mean because it's been chronic
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>> it's very chronic and to rise to the occasion of a 15 day suspension it's a probative values venue so there are basically spelled out in the document i'm happy to provide that document it is the violations that we had documented but it wasn't necessarily on calendar together to talk about this specific incidents there was a point up to when he told me he wouldn't be appealing so not wanting to expose you to details to recuse users that was not in the docket it was for me to guaranteed by the code to tell you why i didn't follow the
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recommendation by the police department that's important to know we work together on stuff but times when we disagree i'm populated to tell you why. >> i have a question do you know if they intend to reopen. >> our suspension is their entertainment permit opening and closings we can't tell them what to do pits my understanding we had an understanding from the permittee he has inform technician to reopen i don't know. i won't guess with whether he's on or closed he can't on during the suspension but he can't have entertainment. >> my other question if the police decided to bring charges for a revocation or more severe
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suspension it will come to the commission as a - >> yes. absolutely a receive a thirty day suspension. >> do you know if that may happen. >> i don't know, you ask the policeman there he is standing on the wall. >> i'm hand to over to those guys if you don't agree with the police department when they request this is this immediate to they know it's closed how does that work. >> i mean all of those don't think on circumstances in this case they are aware of everything i was doing because we used every manner of communication that we've got about w when this kind of things that happening yes, their aware and like i said we're trying to effect the same things i hope and i know that the police
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department is taking this particular case very seriously because it is use of resources and their policemen that have been hurt this is a serious problem on broadway i explained my thinking on it. >> one follow-up question with the 15 follow-up suspension would the police want to request longer than with double jeopardy apply. >> i don't know interests an additional suspension request. >> the police has a right to bring an action before the commission before the suspension of revocation based on the criteria that is laid out in 1060 and this commission will hear it as it almost like an
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administrative law body where they put a case which side they maybe witnesses and we'll all as a commission act as the judge am i yes. >> my concern you've made the decision put the punishment in place the 15 day suspension. >> yeah. this is a administrative this is not like a permital so those standards are different. >> is this bans public health and safety. >> at this point we'll hand to the inspections or hear from the police matter it depended on what the commission wants to do. >> why not hear from the police on this matter.
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>> vice chair hide and commissioner dave from the sfpd. >> so let me jump into answering our questions from the police department perspective first and foremost the communication between our staff and us was excellent there are times we have our tactics and our logic we try and the commission has theirs we approached this with a 72 suspension with the simple reason it's a immediate and not appealable just to be accurate with the details before i do let me say in the end we achieved what we wanted but as new years eve that venue was sold-out he toults e told us he was
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proposing because he couldn't have employees not workman's comp insurance and wasn't going to get it bring into contract labor all brand new staff and security with a sell out crowd to say the least that was alarming to the police department and commission so because of all those tactics we are that utilizing the director is correct in the end he choose to close for new years eve that wouldn't have happened if all the vehicles started moving forward i guess just the only thing i wanted to speak to it is something we should all look at in the future protective intent and legislation is two things the spirit of what the section
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was written for i really time to make it clear it's important to the police department we maintain credibility and you'll see my request it never exceeded the law the idea our request wasn't appropriate is up to you to the commission to determine i'm extremely confident it exceeded the standards in 1060 but lined up at the end of the day, we got what person looking for we wanted to protect the public safety on new years eve and moving forward with that i'll stop and if you have questions i'll be happy to take them. >> i don't see any questions. >> just a comment medical cannabis i appreciate the communication with the police department and this staff lined up at the end of the day both
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teams came to fruition so thank you. >> absolutely this was going into the wee hours and a lot of that unfortunately was we gave him ample time to speak to commissioner hyde's point to come to the table self-happen jose linen and i were communicating late into the evening from our homes at least it was mine at this point so the city's commitment was significant both the police departments and the commission so in that regard we appreciate it just to get the one issue out the question was asked the expectation and the plan of police department we don't want to be quiet about it we want to be consistent with our produce our plan to come before you in the future with revocations we're not interested in another
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thirty or 15 day suspension we have documentation we have bent over backward to help to get one thing we see another and latter when officer from his comments with regards to the central station with regards to new years eve he'll touch on the further step and commissioner frost in the back of our book are the police code 1060 if you've got a 20.2 we'll talk to the directors powers and 1050.30 talks about the suspension by the director and 1060.20.4 talks about revocation you can read that to really


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